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Book Review: Lost on Planet China by J.Maarten Troost

My rating: 4/5 Since becoming an expat in China, I’ve been recommended this book several times, by friends and by people in the blogging sphere. After failing to find it available for a long time, I finally managed to locate it on the vast thing that is the internet, and finished it just this morning.… Continue reading Book Review: Lost on Planet China by J.Maarten Troost

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My Tales from China – Intestine Soup!

The air was thick and yellow-grey with pollution, and the cold bit at my ears despite having them firmly covered by my cute woolly hat. Beside me, my friends were also feeling the chill, and combined with the effort of having to breath through masks, the need to find somewhere to eat lunch became a… Continue reading My Tales from China – Intestine Soup!

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China Life: My Tales from China

I leant against a railing separating the car park and the wide, clean pavement that had gone down in under three days, watching my bright pink, flowery bicycle in front of me. I’d heard too many stories of stolen bikes to feel comfortable leaving it out in the open, even with a wheel lock, so… Continue reading China Life: My Tales from China

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ESL: My Reasons for Teaching ESL in China

Why do people teach ESL? There are a multitude of reasons as to why people choose to move abroad and teach English as a foreign language, and these may change over time. I know my reasons have certainly changed, mostly as I've gotten older, become skilled in certain areas and found that the things in… Continue reading ESL: My Reasons for Teaching ESL in China

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China Life: Autumn in China

I love autumn. It's my favourite time of year, especially in China. After the intense heat of the summer here in Hebei province, the fabulous coolness that comes when the leaves begin to change colour is most welcoming. Being able to pull on a lovely thick wooly jumper and cuddle up in a scarf is… Continue reading China Life: Autumn in China

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Picture Perfect China: Xiamen

So far I've shown my favourite photos that I've taken in Beijing and Xingcheng. Today's photo comes to you from Xiamen!  I love Xiamen. As far as Chinese cities go this is so far my favourite one. I loved the strides towards a future as a Green City through its modernity whilst maintaining that history… Continue reading Picture Perfect China: Xiamen

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China Life: Making friends on a bike ride

Every year, my boss organises a special trip for all his staff – Chinese and foreign staff. The first year I was here it was a hiking trip, last year it was skiing (which was probably one of my favourite days in China!), and this year, on Halloween, it was a bike ride. Unusually, I… Continue reading China Life: Making friends on a bike ride