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Inspiring travel memoirs to make you want to pack your bags!

For full reviews of some of these books and many more, check out my book review page here! As an avid reader, and with a love of travel and exotic foreign places, travel memoirs are immensely enjoyable for me. Whenever I feel the symptoms of wanderlust approaching, recognisable from the itchy feet and the restlessness,… Continue reading Inspiring travel memoirs to make you want to pack your bags!

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Vietnam: 9 foods you have to try!

Honestly, if I could do a food tour of the world, I would. Who doesn’t like trying the foods of the place to where they travel? My top I-want-to-go-and-gorge-myself-on-all-your-foods destination is India, as I love curries, and one day I will definitely be going there and intend to try the Top Curry in each location!… Continue reading Vietnam: 9 foods you have to try!

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Vietnam: My Sleeper Bus Experience

My friends and I didn't spent all that long planning our trip to Vietnam - it was a kind of spontaneous thing and it was just lucky that my vacation time coincided with a time my Travel Buddy decided to go somewhere! So when we arrived in Hanoi we didn't have a plan of how… Continue reading Vietnam: My Sleeper Bus Experience

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Hanoi: My first solo travel!

I know right! I’m 27 years old, love to travel to new places, and yet I’ve never travelled solo. Back home in the U.K. I have been places by myself, I’ve even stayed in new towns and cities by myself. But I’ve never properly travelled solo. Even this time in Hanoi probably isn’t really travelling… Continue reading Hanoi: My first solo travel!

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Vietnam Revelations

It's been a while since I posted a blog post, and that's because I've been busy travelling round Vietnam! For three weeks, my friends and I travelled from Hanoi all the way down to Ho Chi Minh, and every day was full of exploring and trying new foods and seeing new things. I've wanted to… Continue reading Vietnam Revelations

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Book Review: Radio Shangri-La

After going to Nepal, the Himalayan and Sub-Indian region in general has fascinated me. I’ve read many books set in India, Pakistan and Nepal. The one country that I desperately hope I will one day have the chance to see is the little-visited kingdom of Bhutan, nestled between the giants that are India and China,… Continue reading Book Review: Radio Shangri-La

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ESL interviews: Questions YOU should be asking

So you’ve read my post all about private versus public schools in China (😁) and been offered an interview… congratulations! The first part is done! Now you’re preparing for your interview, going over all the possible questions they could ask you… How will your previous experience in retail help you in a career teaching ESL?… Continue reading ESL interviews: Questions YOU should be asking