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China Life: why green spaces are beneficial to you and your health

We’ve all heard it: how getting out into the countryside and experiencing the environment is good for us, especially if you are a city dweller. I lived my whole life in the countryside, until three years ago when I moved to China. Since then I’ve been an urban dweller, and I find it increasingly difficult… Continue reading China Life: why green spaces are beneficial to you and your health

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Travel: To a vineyard in China

Wait. A vineyard….. in China?? Yes, you read that right, don’t worry. I recently had the absolute pleasure of going away for a short getaway to one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in China. Usually I love the cultural, historical beauties of this ancient country, so this place never occurred to me as… Continue reading Travel: To a vineyard in China

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China Life: Air Pollution Matters

The environment is a big deal. I mean, it’s all around us, and altogether we have just one planet. One planet that we are doing a fine job of messing up. Our beautiful world is slowly being destroyed by our increasing need for energy, for fossil fuels, for technology, for more more more stuff. This… Continue reading China Life: Air Pollution Matters

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”Tis the season to eat the Mooncakes!

October 1st marks National Day in China, a day of great celebration for the Chinese people. On this day in 1949 the People's Government was founded in Tiananmen Square, and thus the PRC was born. It is a public holiday here, and one that is followed by Golden Week, a week long celebration also known… Continue reading ”Tis the season to eat the Mooncakes!

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Picture Perfect China: Xingcheng 

In an effort to show China at some of its best moments, I'm going to post my favourite photos that I've taken from cities that I've visited in the country! One city = one photo! It's definitely a challenge to find just one and no single photo will ever encapsulate an entire city - not… Continue reading Picture Perfect China: Xingcheng 

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Part II: What to do in Beijing

If you haven't seen Part I yet, click here Part I: What to do in Beijing, for more ideas! Are you ready for Part II? I feel I've saved the best for last! 😃  4. Temple of Heaven This is a very unique temple and I definitely recommend a visit. The three-tiered circular building standing… Continue reading Part II: What to do in Beijing

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Crawling up the Great Wall of China 

It’s one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, and on nearly everyone’s bucket list (or WanderList), including mine. In February 2015, I was lucky enough to be able to cross it off of my list!... for the first time!   So what was it like? Tough. Like, extremely tough. I have noticed that most… Continue reading Crawling up the Great Wall of China